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Guide: Create WordPress Blog

Create WordPress Blog (Guide).pdf
Кратко ръководство за създаване на WordPress блог.

Ръководство стъпка-по-стъпка за това как да:
- се логнете
- добавяте публикация
- добавяте страница
- редактирате публикация и/или страница
- добавяне и подреждане на уиджети в страничната…

Camera Work - Beginner Level

These tutorials are designed to provide you with knowledge and skills to improve every aspect of your camera work. They begin at the absolute novice level and work through to professional operations.

Three Advanced Search Tools for Students
A short overview of three advanced search options that students and teachers should be aware of.

Google Sheets: The Ultimate Guide

Google Sheets - The Ultimate Guide - by Yuri Karagyozov.pdf
Подробно ръководство за работа с Google Sheets.