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How to formulate a good Knowledge Question?

Презентация за това как да формулираме правилно добър познавателен въпрос

Contribution of changes in atmospheric circulation patterns to extreme temperature trends

This study identifies statistically significant trends in mid-atmospheric circulation patterns that partially explain observed changes in extreme temperature occurrence over Eurasia and North America; although the underlying cause of circulation…

Pacific western boundary currents and their roles in climate

A review of western boundary currents in the Pacific Ocean explores their far-reaching influence on the El Niño/Southern Oscillation, the Indonesian Throughflow, Asian monsoons, and ocean circulation in the South China Sea, and concludes that major…

Recovery potential of the world's coral reef fishes

Continuing degradation of coral reef ecosystems has generated substantial interest in how management can support reef resilience1, 2. Fishing is the primary source of diminished reef function globally3, 4, 5, leading to widespread calls for…

Long-term decline of the Amazon carbon sink

The capacity of Amazonian forests to sequester carbon has weakened with potentially important implications for climate change.

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Icebergs not the trigger for North Atlantic cold events

Abrupt climate change is a ubiquitous feature of the Late Pleistocene epoch1. In particular, the sequence of Dansgaard–Oeschger events (repeated transitions between warm interstadial and cold stadial conditions), as recorded by ice cores in…

Global carbon export from the terrestrial biosphere controlled by erosion

Particulate organic carbon export from the terrestrial biosphere is primarily controlled by physical erosion, and tectonic and climatic forcing of physical erosion may favour biospheric particulate organic carbon sequestration over silicate…

Uwekind Student's Handbook 2016/2017

Uwekind Student's Handbook 2016-2017.pdf
На страниците на този наръчник ще намерите общите правила на училището и информация за организацията на учебния процес. Той е създаден от екипа на Увекинд за улеснение на всички членове на училищната общност. Наръчникът се актуализира преди началото…

Uwekind Newsletter, April 2015

Това е втория брой на бюлетина на International School Uwekind. В него ще научите повече за новите членове на екипа както и за няколко важни събития, за които трябва финална мобилизация – зрелостните изпити, националното външно оценяване, изпитите за…

Deserts: Geology and Resources

Contents: What Is a Desert; How the Atmosphere Influences Aridity; Where Deserts Form; Types of Deserts; Desert Features; Eolian Processes; Types of Dunes; Remote Sensing of Arid Lands; Mineral Resources in Deserts; Desertification.

INFOGRAPHIC: A world of languages - and how many speak them

There are at least 7,102 known languages alive in the world today. Twenty-three of these languages are a mother tongue for more than 50 million people. The 23 languages make up the native tongue of 4.1 billion people. We represent each language…

Meet the lizards that suck up rain with their skin

Three lizard species on three different continents have evolved similar networks of "drinking straws" between their scales, to make the most of rare rainfall

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World's deadliest volcanoes identified

An article about the deadliest volcanoes

Political geography II:
Islands and archipelagos

Political geography II_Islands and archipelagos.pdf
This second of two progress reports on the subdiscipline of political geography explores islands and archipelagos as material sites and political concepts with which to understand spatial ontologies of power. The piece reviews thematic interests in…

Overview of GDP and GNP

Gross domestic product, also known as GDP, is defined as the total market value (the amount that a product would trade for in the open market) of all goods and services produced within a specific a location over a particular time period. GDP includes…

Plate Tectonics

Plate tectonics is the scientific theory that attempts to explain the movements of the Earth's lithosphere that have formed the landscape features we see across the globe today. By definition the word "plate" in geologic terms means a large slab of…


An Overview and History of the Study of Biogeography

Decadal slowdown of a land-terminating sector of the Greenland Ice Sheet despite warming

Whether or not an increase in meltwater will make ice sheets move more quickly has been contentious, because water lubricates the ice–rock interface and speeds up the ice, but also stimulates the development of efficient drainage; now, a long-term…

Peter the Great's Special Book

The reforming Tsar sought to westernise his empire, yet in 1723 he published an uncompromising reassertion of his absolutist doctrine, which has traditionally marked Russia’s national consciousness, says Antony Lentin.

A Rosetta Stone for Nature’s Benefits to People

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After a long incubation period, the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) is now underway. Underpinning all its activities is the IPBES Conceptual Framework (CF), a simplified model of the interactions between…