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ISU Assessment Policy

ISU Assessment Policy.pdf
International School Uwekind’s Assessment Policy is in line with the requirements and philosophy set by IB Programme Standards and Practices. We believe that assessment is a fundamental practice to support and enhance the learning experiences of our…

ISU Academic Honesty Policy

ISU Academic Honesty Policy.pdf
The IB Diploma Programme International School Uwekind ACADEMIC HONESTY POLICY

This document is created in accordance with the International Baccalaureate requirements, and is an inseparable part of Uwekind’s Admission, Language and Assessment…

Uwekind Newsletter, September 2015

Представяме Ви първия за 2015/2016 учебна година брой на нашия newsletter.

В него ще намерите информация за откриването на учебната година, за проектът ни "Училище: Лаборатория на бъдещето", новите ни преподаватели. Повече информация ще намерите и…