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How to formulate a good Knowledge Question?

Презентация за това как да формулираме правилно добър познавателен въпрос

Ways of knowing

Ways of Knowing are incorporated into the methodologies of the various Areas of Knowledge.

Ways of Knowing should not be considered in isolation. They interconnect inextricably and are interwoven in elaborate ways to generate Personal and Shared…

Julian Beever's Official Website

Julian Beever is known all over the world for his pavement drawings, more especially his 3D illusions, drawn in a special distortion to create an impression of 3D when seen from one particular viewpoint.

In order to appear really 3 dimensional…

IBTOK forum

Many topics to choose in this IBTOK forum. Useful for the presentation and the essay.

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

The Guide offers various links to philosophy publications, teacher’s support materials, and bibiliographies.

Forum: a resource for Theory of Knowledge teachers

The Forum is a peer-reviewed publication aiming to offer original, thoughtful articles promoting Theory of Knowledge (TOK) teaching, in a fashion that is immediately useful to teachers.