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Influence of extreme weather disasters on global crop production

In recent years, several extreme weather disasters have partially or completely damaged regional crop production1, 2, 3, 4, 5. While detailed regional accounts of the effects of extreme weather disasters exist, the global scale effects of droughts,…

Holocene shifts in the assembly of plant and animal communities implicate human impacts

Understanding how ecological communities are organized and how they change through time is critical to predicting the effects of climate change1. Recent work documenting the co-occurrence structure of modern communities found that most significant…

The best science images of 2015

From Pluto to viral structures, this year produced an array of dazzling pictures.

Grassland biodiversity bounces back from long-term nitrogen addition

The negative effect of increasing atmospheric nitrogen (N) pollution on grassland biodiversity is now incontrovertible1, 2, 3. However, the recent introduction of cleaner technologies in the UK has led to reductions in the emissions of nitrogen…

Rarity in mass extinctions and the future of ecosystems

The fossil record provides striking case studies of biodiversity loss and global ecosystem upheaval. Because of this, many studies have sought to assess the magnitude of the current biodiversity crisis relative to past crises—a task greatly…

Potential sea-level rise from Antarctic ice-sheet instability constrained by observations

Large parts of the Antarctic ice sheet lying on bedrock below sea level may be vulnerable to marine-ice-sheet instability (MISI)1, a self-sustaining retreat of the grounding line triggered by oceanic or atmospheric changes. There is growing…

Thermal biases and vulnerability to warming in the world’s marine fauna

A critical assumption underlying projections of biodiversity change associated with global warming is that ecological communities comprise balanced mixes of warm-affinity and cool-affinity species which, on average, approximate local environmental…

Soil biodiversity and human health

Soil biodiversity sustains human health and its loss can be mitigated by sustainable management.

Agricultural policy: Govern our soils

Luca Montanarella calls for a voluntary international agreement to protect the ground beneath our feet from erosion and degradation.


Global climate agreement: After the talks

The real business of decarbonization begins after an agreement is signed at the Paris climate conference, argue David G. Victor and James P. Leape.

North Pacific deglacial hypoxic events linked to abrupt ocean warming

Marine sediments from the North Pacific document two episodes of expansion and strengthening of the subsurface oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) accompanied by seafloor hypoxia during the last deglacial transition1, 2, 3, 4. The mechanisms driving this…

Sustainability: Transfer project cannot meet China's water needs

Better local water management is the way to keep pace with escalating demands, not pumping water across the country, warn Jon Barnett and colleagues.

Conductivity Probe - Tech Tips

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UV Sensors - Tech Tips

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